Want Options?

You will never experience high-pressure sales tactics, but that does not mean that you don't have options. Browse our pricing guide to see what "little extras" will make your event perfect.

We've got everything from the perfect karaoke setup for your house party to a full truss-lighting system for your grand gala. Whatever makes your event the perfect day, we've got you covered.

Check our online pricing guide for "standards" and "add-ons", but feel free to call, text or email for more details and more options.

Bang for your buck

Working on a budget?

When you need to lower your costs, Pick Tim for your next school event. Tim has been DJing for over five years and carries the same values and approach to DJing as Dave at a lower cost. The best part is that Tim brings the same crystal-clear sound system and eye-catching light show along with an enormous music catalog and songs-on-demand. Tim is a Scouting volunteer, so he too is background certified and holds a PA Act 15 Clearance.

Call, email or text for pricing Tim as your DJ.

Value added packages for every budget, and over twenty five years of entertainment experience is just the beginning. From theme parties to family get-togethers, you can expect more from us.

Corporate functions, birthdays and anniversaries are just a few of our specialties. Dave has experience entertaining parties of twenty and crowds of hundreds. When you need someone to make sure that everything goes off the way you want it, Dave's uncompromising attention to detail will make you feel at ease all night.

Dave performs every event himself, but you can also ask about Dave's son, Tim who has been DJing with us since 2015. Save a bundle by hiring Tim and get the same great sound system and lighting while knowing that Dave and Tim stand behind the family name to be sure that everything goes great for your event.