Working on a budget?

Hire Tim for your next school event. Tim has been DJing for over eight years and carries the same values and approach to DJing as Dave at a lower cost. The best part is that Tim brings the same crystal-clear sound system and eye-catching light show along with an enormous music catalog and songs-on-demand. Tim is a Scouting volunteer, so he too is background certified.

Call, email or text for pricing Tim as your DJ.

Positive Motivation

Dave has kids of his own, he knows how important music is to our youth, but is also strong enough to know when to refrain from playing something inappropriate in your School.

Students often have the most diverse taste in music. Dave has seven decades of music in a catalog of over fifteen thousand songs with everything from Led Zeppelin to Taylor Swift to Drake and everything in between.

Dave's all-inclusive School package will fill even the largest Gym or all-purpose room with crystal-clear sound and a dazzling light show. Also, leverage Dave's 25+ years of MC experience to broadcast your "air-grams" or other fund-raising  ideas for your school dance.

Background Checked

It's tough for a DJ to say "no" to a request, but sometimes it's the right thing to do. Even though every song in Dave's collection is the "clean" version, some songs are still not OK to play in school ... we get that.

Your students are your biggest asset and most valuable resource. Dave has been HIB trained and is committed to positive reinforcement with your students.